About This Blog

 My blog’s original raison d’être, September 18, 2011.[1]


 Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.[2] 

Reading other blogs, I see the discipline of keeping an online record of my progress, or lack thereof, is therapeutic and in some small way makes me accountable to myself, if not history and the grandeur or abyss of humanity’s uncertain future.  There, I feel better now.  The butterfly effect.  Perhaps the muffled tapping of my prose pushes away even death for a space.  Singing a spiritual “Heigh Ho,” it’s back to editing I go.  This will be my own account of data entry and wrestling with the history of religion, philosophy, literature and its discontents as I rewrite “Trophies & Leverets:  Satire and War in French Renaissance Literature” (2000). This is my own trophy in progress, my mottled, Menippean paean to inertia.

[1] I had no idea when I began this blog that my spouse would be headed for the spiritual realm a little over two months hence. 
[2] Oft attributed to John Lennon's lyrics in “Beautiful Boy,” this expression was first coined in 1957 by Allen Saunders, an early twentieth-century cartoonist.