The Words Made Text: 

Or, Tracking Vagaries and Varieties of Evasion

My little monster awaiting editing and revising.

Trophies & Leverets: Satire and War in French Renaissance Literature

My Name is Pamela Moffatt and I am a recovering academic. These are my sundry dalliances from dissertation to book. 


I write for those plotting their own life stories, dissertating upon their own digressions, for all who write despite their own better judgment and seek a safe haven.

Join me on the journey.

Comments, curmudgeons, louts, rogues, Philistines, scholars, groundlings, soul-seekers, Muses, fools, jongleurs, scribes, scribblers and mythifiers are all welcome.

Naysaying quislings, critics, cockatrices, pettifoggers, lickspittles, termagants, tufthunters, gasconaders, ninnyhammers, somatists, martinets, goons and fiends will find little of interest here.

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